Original screen prints from Brighton

Original screen prints from Brighton.

Each screen print has been produced from original drawings and sketches from around Brighton. Each template produced in the printing process is hand cut. 

The process used is silk screening, all prints hand made at Ink Spot in Brighton.

Each stage has been hand crafted.  Every print, in each limited edition is unique, with slight differences in register and colour.

Unframed prints are between £30 and £50 each, framed and mounted are from £95 each. Paper size is A2 and the actual print size is approximately A3.  Some prints are A4, please check when making your order.

Currently there are three 'Iconic Brighton' series, each of three prints; the Bandstand and Angel in blue, Sunrise and Sunset around Brighton in orange and three in shocking pink. A recent addition is 'Summer Sky' a view of the old pier through the bandstand in blue and Summer Clouds in orange.

A series featuring Michaelangelo's "David" is available, six in orange and six in white, all in a very small edition.

Two new A4 prints featuring the bandstand and the peace angel are now available.

The Budapest Angel is again in A4 in an edition of only six.

New to the website is the stunning 'Pink Rose', limited edition of ten.

You can order prints or request further details, either through the supplied email or mobile telephone.  ( See contact above. )

Commissions will be considered.

New for August 2017!

A new series of prints, featuring a different process and subject.

The stunning 'Pink Rose'.

Pink Rose; A3 print on A2 paper, limited edition of only ten.

The Bandstand and Peace Angel; A4 prints.

The Budapest Angel; A4 print with an edition of only six.

The first four David prints.

Original silk screen prints, iconic scenes of Brighton, limited editions.


Detail of 'Sunrise over the East Pier'.


Detail of 'Sunset over the West Pier'.

Detail from the fifth series, 'Angels'.

A4 printed area on A2 paper